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Musical Urges…

April 12, 2013

Recently, having spent a lot of time with one of my longest and best friends, Scott. I have suddenly been having the urge to learn the piano again.

Many many moons ago, I used to play. Started at the age of 6, and worked my way through the examination process to Grade 5 (grade 8 basically is a benchmark for teaching standard). However, by the youthful ill-disciplined age of 11 I decided to stop and play rugby instead (because at the age of 11 the idea of doing both just wouldn’t be cool).

The action would prove to be one of, if not my greatest regret in life to date. If it is one thing my Dad used to always tell me; “Son, if you are able to play the Piano, you will never be short of a pint”

So Scott, if you are reading this… which you should be……

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